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RS232 - RS422/RS485 Converter

CNV 1413


  • Low-Cost Converter
  • Easy Installation
  • Flexible Power Supply 8 to 36 VDC
  • Communication distance up to
    1000 m
  • Data rate max. 120 kBaud
  • Configuration of the module
    • The configuration can be setup at factory or by the user by soldering little connections. So the user should have some experience in soldering for changing the configuration.
    • Operation mode RS485 or RS422
    • Operation as 2-wire RS485 or as 4-wire RS422
    • Transmitter control DTR or RTS of RS232
    • Transmitter control permanent, high- or low-active
    • Receiver control permanent on or only when transmitter is off
    • Pinning DCE or DTE
      • DCE, direct connection to DTE (PC/Notebook)
      • DTE, direct connection to DCE (TxD and RxD exchanged)
  • Bustermination
    • The module consist of 2 termination resistors of 120 Ohm each. These resistors can be seperatly activated by external wires. One resistor is to be used for the receiver, the other for the transmitter. Only one of these resistors is to be used in RS485-applications.
  • Technical Specifications
    • Max. Baud-Rate: max. 120 kBaud
      -Used signals: TxD, RxD, DTR/RTS, GND
      -Shorted signals: RTS +CTS,
      DTR + DSR + DCD
      -Transmittercontrol: Over DTR/RTS of RS232 or permanent
      -Termination resistors: 2x 120 Ohm
      separatly switchable
      Supply Voltage: 8 to 36 V DC
      Power consumption: 70 mA at 8 VDC
      20 mA at 36 VDC (maximal)
      Connection: on SUB-D-Connector of RS422/485
      EMC: EMC-conform with 89/336/EEC
      Operating Temperature 0 - 50 °C
      Storage Temperature: -20 to + 70 °C
      Dimensions: 55 x 18 x 62 mm
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CNV 1413
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