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Signal Converter

CNV 9101

for Encoder with SSI-Interface


  • Input: Synchronous Serial Interface SSI
  • Output: Parallel, max. 26 Bit,
    max. 30 V, max. 100 mA, short circuit protected, usable for bus applications
  • Master/Slave mode
  • Input-Code Gray/ Binary
  • Output-Code Gray/Binary/BCD
  • Hold- and OE-Inputs
  • Strobe-Output
  • Housing for DIN rail mounting
    EN 50 022
  • Connector: Plug-in-screw Terminals and DB37M
  • Applications
    • SSI-Connection with high immunity against EMI instead of parallel EMI-prone connections.
    • Replacement for parallel absolute encoders.
  • SSI-Input
    • Binary or Gray Code selectable
    • Resolution 10, 12, 13, 24, 25, 26 Bit selectable (other resolutions up to 28 Bit on enquiry)
    • Singleturn/Multiturn
    • Direction of rotation selectable
    • Master/Slave mode selectable
      • Master:Clock generation by CNV 9101
      • Slave: Clock generation by an external unit
    • Clock frequency max. 125 kHz (slave-mode)
      resp. max. 100 kHz (master- mode)
    • Data input RS 422/485
    • Clock output: RS 422/485
    • Clock input: RS 422/485
  • Parallel Output
    • Number Channels: Max. 26 Bit (other number of channels up to max. 28 Bit on enquiry)
    • Outputs max. 30 V / 100 mA, short circuit protected
    • Bus-Mode: Controllable by OE-input
    • Strobe-Signal: Indication of data transfer (pulse duration 10 ms, other on enquiry)
    • Output code: Binary, Gray, or BCD selectable (other on enquiry)
    • Output and LED for error on SSI input (with Bus-Mode)
    • Output and LED for error on output channels (with Bus-Mode)
    • Operation without control signals possible for single device applications
  • Power Supply
    • 18 .. 36 V DC, isolated
    • optional 12 V DC, isolated
    • optional 5 V DC, isolated
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CNV 9101
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