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Progr. Totalizing Counter Model

CM 2510M


  • LED Display 8 mm, 5 decades
  • Display range -9999..99999
  • DIN Housing 48 x 24 mm
  • for Mauell-Mosaic-Systems M 24 T,
    M 24 MK and MK 24x48
  • Data Memory
  • Isolated Power Supply
  • Plug-In Screw Terminal
  • Modes
    • Time meter with start and stop-input
    • Pulse counter with direction-input
    • Cycle duration measurement
    • Pulse duration measurement
    • Frequency measurement up to 10 kHz
    • Revolution per minute
    • Hour meter
    • Tachometer in m/s or km/h
  • Software Functions
    • Scaling factor 0,001 .. 9,999
    • Offset value for count mode
    • Count frequency 25 Hz, 7 kHz programmable
    • Programmable decimal point
    • Autoranging
    • Last digit in 1, 2, 5 or 10 steps
    • Display test
  • Power Supply
    • 18 .. 36 V DC isolated
    • optional 12 V DC isolated
    • optional 5 V DC isolated
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CM 2510M
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